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When you are thinking of joining a supper club dinner, think of it as being invited to a friend’s dinner party where you will meet interesting people with different (often international) backgrounds.


Be prepared to arrive on time. This gives you the chance to get acquainted to the other guests while enjoying your aperitifs and some starters, before you sit down at our long table in the dining room.

We will serve between 6 to 8 dishes accompanied by selected wines followed by a dessert and coffee. Please understand that Phoebe will not be able to join you during dinner, but we have some friends helping to serve dishes and wine and clean the tables.

Phoebe will join after the desert. You are always welcome to visit her in the kitchen, which is right next to the dining room, and she will explain briefly the dishes before they are served to you.

Before you leave, we kindly ask you to donate for food and wine.