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Phoebe loves food. When she was just a little child she already helped her parents prepare food for their large Chinese family. Her family, originating from Qingdao in China, used to cook traditional Chinese food from several regions of China: Sichuan, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. After her family immigrated to Taiwan, they also cooked traditional Taiwanese and Japanese food, mainly seafood dishes.

After she started her French restaurant in 1996, she decided to focus on traditional French cuisine and spent several months in France studying at the restaurant of Gerard Perlourson close to the Cote d’Azur. Later she also attended the famous Université du Vin and was able to cook with several Michelin chefs in Paris.

For her supper club she decided to focus on French food and traditional Chinese food, because she wants to give people a better understanding of the various Chinese foods without using artificial flavors or flavor enhancers.